6 American Oil Company Prints by H Charles McBarron

I have a canister of American Oil Company Prints By H Charles McBarron The content list lists 8 prints, but there are only 6 in the container: Patrick Henry at Williamsburg The Pony Express The Evacuation of Boston (Missing) Custer's Last Stand The Hoosier Horseless Carriage Blackbeard The Battle of Lookout Mountain Frontier Christmas (Missing) The prints have been rolled and stored in the canister, so my pictures are not the best, but none of them have been folded or have any tears. My husband & I are in the process of liquidating the estate of our late mother. All posted prices are negotiable feel free to make counter offer -- all reasonable offers accepted; cash, Postal Money Order or PayPal only - no checks or credit cards accepted. If you do not live in the Derby, KS area & need me to mail this item to you please provide a valid mailing address and I will calculate the shipping fee.
Updated 18-Jun-2017